How to draw corn on the cob

Step 1. This will be a simple instructional exercise so prepare to complete it in ten minutes. To start with draw a substantial egg shape as you see here. Next draw a straight vertical line down the center of your corn shape and afterward draw the facial rules.

Step 2. You will now portray out the corn part shapes as you see here which is simply knocks for the coating of your cob. Once that is done draw the folds for your corn husks and include a touch of detail.

Step 3. To make this cob look more like corn, you will portray in some uneven mounds to demonstrate this is in truth a bit of corn. Once that is done utilize the facial rules to attract the charming chibi eyes, and after that the chibi mouth.

Step 4. You have achieved your last attracting venture and to complete off this lesson “on the best way to draw corn”, you should outline out whatever is left of the corn husk shapes as you see here. Add some specifying to demonstrate the surface of the husks, and after that include a couple of more part pieces. Eradicate every one of the rules and shapes that you attracted step one to tidy up your adorable drawing.

Step 5. Since you are finished figuring out how to draw corn, you can shading in your craft, and hang it on your divider as well as cooler. Try not to gaze at it too long or you will be compelled to eat your paper.

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